Addendum — Red State Communique #1

Moved by both a recent visit to my home state of GA where I bunked at the house of a longtime (Republican) friend -and Senator Biden’s call to reach out to the right after Senator Obama is elected 44th president of the US, I started a web log here and at blog today .

My visit to Macon GA was overshadowed by a “N-Obama” (fearful) attitude that met me on my arrival. I spent the week I was there learning more about the fear that is being exorcised from humanity at this point in time. My hope is to meet it as the shadow it is and be of compassionate, helpful, real service.  To that end, I began emailing the Republicans I call friends.  

My friend J. is an attorney in private practice and makes < 250K  – he’s a Reagan Republican. L. is a mother and wife and her husband see that their taxes will go to 50% and there will be coming taxes at 50% for the middle class. That one is beyond my ability to address – for now. 

Thanks for reading. Namaste’ :



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